Open Plan Pictures

Open Plan Pictures is dedicated to a vision of sharing the joy of movie entertainment with as many people as possible. One of our core values is service, and the value of creating unbelievable cinematic experiences for all our customers, clients, and fellow collaborators. We deliver cinema through niche indoor service offerings, outdoor picnics in the most breathtaking locations, and drive-in experiences when the weather or surface can be challenging. We try and use film to bring people together and love working it as a platform; our commitment to service is a goal for specific causes. We bring the use of live sporting events to all communities as part of this service. 

Upcoming Events

Summer 2022/23: We will be hosting numerous events on the account of the weather and will specializing our shows to small groups with a VIP element, where our patrons can get food and beverage.

Please check the specific screening as some of our offerings all have inclusive packages. We have several different offerings for our shows and they vary in location, indoor, outdoor, fundraiser, and various other packages of experience subject to conditions.

We facilitate movie events

If you are hosting your own exclusive private function, or an NPC, birthday party, sports organization or school looking for ways to help you raise funds, please contact us to discuss the different services we have available.

About Us

The joy of watching movies has always been a huge passion. Our focus is to create events that enhance that joy. The Drive-in is one of our ways to provide this entertainment. Yes, movies, are not just international but local as in proudly South African, whether it be a local short film, documentary, or a sporting event.

In summer will be doing open picnic evenings where you can come with family or partners, lie back, chill and enjoy the view. These picnic events will be hosted in some of the most beautiful settings that the Garden Route, Klein Karoo, and other parts of the country, have blessed us with. Let us not forget that the weather can be cold, so we are always looking for the right place indoors to keep people warm. We offer a service offering is that unique to the experience and caters to all ages and demographics. Through all these types of events, we will be the number one entertainment provider in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo area. We have expanded our demographic and now are available to travel anywhere in South Africa.

The use of our giant inflatable screen is 9 meters high, and our high-quality LAZER projector, and fantastic audio setup enable us to create an unbelievable experience. We are always looking at new ways to create a better experience for you.

We are a firm believer in collaboration, and we try to work as much as possible with local municipalities, NPC, s tourism boards, small merchant enterprises, and schools One of our core values is unity and we believe that without it one cannot share and create experiences for the masses. We can enhance your campaign and add specific value as to work with your sponsors and really give a unique value to your company.

In addition to our service offering, we are now building live-streamed events for communities in our business so that we can reach more people and bring more joy to everyone.

We also offer our service for birthday parties, corporate events, and activations. We have several different options and screen sizes so please fill out the contact form to get in touch.