Open Plan Pictures

Open Plan Pictures is dedicated to a vision of sharing the joy of movie entertainment with as many people as possible. 

Upcoming movies

Summer 2021/2022 we will be doing screening once a month in Knysa, Plett and George. Movies subject to weather conditions and to Government restrictions due to Covid19 pandemic.


Picnic R100 per adult
Kids R50
Drive-in R250 per vehicle

Pricing subject to the type of screening. Please refer to the specific screening details.

For information, email us at

Neighbourhood Watch
Little Miss Sunshine, Sat 18 September 2021, 6PM-9PM, Drive-in
Old Nick Village, N2 3Km east Plettenberg Bay
Animals are Beautiful People Original 1974, Friday 24th September 2021, 6PM-9PM
Blackwaters River Lodge, N2 Highway Goukamma,6570
Plett Arts Festival Fundraiser with Natures Valley Trust
Finding Dory, Saturday 2 October 2021, Picnic
Old Nick Village, N2 3Km east Plettenberg Bay

We facilitate movie events

Whether it be bringing back the culture of the Drive-in cinema or simply enjoying a picnic under the stars at the same time showcasing the movies that you love with the basic pleasure of being outdoors. Our primary focus is to create fun entertainment that everyone can come together and relax.
We take you beyond the stars. 

If you are hosting your own exclusive private function or an NPC, sports organization or school looking for ways to help you raise funds. Contact us for our different services we have available.

About Us

The joy of watching movies has always been a huge passion. Our focus is to create events that enhance that joy. The Drive-in is one of our ways to provide this entertainment. Yes movies, not just international, local as in proudly South African, whether it be local short film, documentary, or a sporting event.

We will be doing open picnic evening that you can come with family or partners, lie back, chill and enjoy the view. These picnic events will be hosted in some of the most beautiful settings that the Garden Route has blessed us with. Let us not forget that the weather can be cold, so we are always looking for the right place indoors to keep people warm.

Through all these types of events we will be the number one entertainment provider in the Garden Route area. The use of our giant inflatable screen with is 9metre High, our high-quality LED projector, fantastic audio setup enables us to create an unbelievable experience. We are always looking at new ways to create a better experience for you. The classic car radio frequency really lets us sit in our vehicles if it’s cold.

We are a firm believer in collaboration and we try work as much as possible with local municipalities, NPC’s tourism board, small merchant enterprises and schools. One of our core values is unity and we believe that without it one cannot share and create experiences for the masses.