Frequently Asked Questions

As an outdoor event we are subject to weather. Wind is a bigger challenger than rain. Our giant inflatable screen can only really handle a certain capacity so winds over 35km/h we will cancel the event. Please check our Facebook or our website for weather information per event. The rain is an easier thing to manage as light rain is a yes but torrential thunderstorms are a no go and the event will also be cancelled or postponed. 

Please note that the weather in the area is always changing and Open Plan cinema cannot be accountable to the sudden changes in the environment. We have our best people trying to forecast that our evenings are going to proceed, but inevitably we cannot control this and we urge our patrons to keep a watch. 

We are firm believers in customer satisfaction and experience. In the event of a cancellation we will refund you. We are working with several well know ticketing companies and they will manage your refund per our instruction on the event. If your ticket was paid at the door and the show does not complete itself, we will refund you straight away or offer you a comp for another evening.

Our only criteria are that refunds must be claimed within 5 working days of the event or else you lose the option. 

When you arrive, you be guided to a designated parking spot. You are more than welcome to bring chairs and blankets; we have a viewing area in the first 20 metres in front of the screen for people to sit and kids to lie. Based on national Health Regulations under Covid-19 National Disaster act. We are do permit you to sit on top of your vehicle but please be mindful of people around you. If you are in a high vehicle then there is a designated area for you to be do that in. While we have outside speakers, we also encourage people to sit outside and relax as we have speakers outside to play through the movie.

If you are in a hatchback or bakkie you are more than welcome to reverse park and open up, as long as the area is not higher than the roof. Please bring ropes and bungie to keep it roof height, otherwise you will be asked to go to the designated roof camping area. 

Please be mindful that there are always children around you. We do have recommended smoking areas but if you are smoking outside your vehicle please respect the other patrons. 

Our pricing structure is to 6 people per vehicle. If you are a tour company or a huge family outing, please contact us via email and inform us about your needs and we will try and accommodate you.

We welcome any vehicle; bigger cars will be parked further back or on the sides. 

We ask patrons to come up to an hour before each event. Our showtimes depend on the sunset times as it works better once sun sets, however please refer to the website or on the ticket for information. We do work on first come basis and also nice to getting early to get food. 

Once the show ends, you will be prompted by attendants to exit via the exit areas. Our shows normally will not end later than 22:30, we will be doing special event screening occasionally and do late shows, so please refer to our website, Facebook page or ticket agents.

Please refer to our home page but the basic structure is:

Picnic R100 pp
Drive-in R300 per vehicle

Prices subject to specific screenings.

Our online ticket agents will send you an electronic ticket which will be redeemed at Gate on arrival, please bring your ID to confirm it is you. You can also buy a ticket at the gate which will be 10% more expensive. We take visa Debit or credit card and will not be taking any cash payments as to keep up with Covid regulations and not create any possible further risk of infection. 

We encourage people to use our local caterers but also know that people have their own dietary requirements. You are welcome to bring your own, please do not litter, you will get a litter bag on arrival in support of one of our community drives to recycle.

No Alcohol permitted.

Please see below list of Age rated movies and check schedule to see the rating

  • Rated G-General audience
  • PG-parental Guidance suggested some movies may not be suitable for children
  • PG13-Parents Strongly cautioned, some materials maybe inappropriate
  • Rated R-Restricted Under 17, required Guardian or parent

We are firm on our policies and maintain regulations under the National Disaster Act of Covid-19. No matter what level we will maintain.

At least one person fills out information sheet per vehicle and everyone entering will be temperature checked as a precaution.

We will try to limit interaction between staff and guests. Please make sure masks are kept on anytime you leave your vehicle.

Staff will be equipped with masks and sanitizers
We will have toilet facilities but encourage people to try and use toilets before events. Please keep a 2 metre distance while waiting in line. 

Open Plan Pictures will always be using venues that are safe and secure so that our guest have a fantastic experience. We encourage you to keep your belongings safe and cannot be responsible for any damage, loss or theft that happen. There will be security at each event.

We are building our selves to be the leader of entertainment in the area , we will have speakers outside that will play the movie and once we have obtained the correct permit to broadcast through a radio transmitter you will also be able to sit inside and tune in. 

Bring Blankets/warm cloths, pillow, folding chairs anything that makes you comfortable to enjoy the experience and keep you warm if the weather is still chilly.

About Us

The joy of watching movies has always been a huge passion. Our focus is to create events that enhance that joy. The Drive-in is one of our ways to provide this entertainment. Yes, movies, not just international but local as in proudly South African, whether it be local short films, documentaries, or a sporting event. In summer will be doing open picnic evenings that you can come with family or partners, lie back, chill and enjoy the view. These picnic events will be hosted in some of the most beautiful settings that the Garden Route has blessed us with.

Let us not forget that the weather can be cold, so we are always looking for the right place indoors to keep people warm. Through all these types of events, we will be the number one entertainment provider in the Garden Route area. We have expanded our demographic and now are available to travel anywhere in South Africa.

With the use of our giant inflatable screen which is 9 meters high, our high-quality LAZER projector, and fantastic audio setup enables us to create an unbelievable experience. We are always looking at new ways to create a better experience for you.

We are a firm believer in collaboration and we try to work as much as possible with local municipalities, NPC, s tourism boards, small merchant enterprises, and schools. One of our core values is unity and we believe that without it one cannot share and create experiences for the masses.

We also offer our service for birthday parties, corporate events, and activations. Please contact us for a quote.